Environmental Management

  • Ersan Kauçuk gives full support to efforts to fulfill environmental awareness requirements both with our business and other employees, as well as with our customers and suppliers. Environmental policy; It has been a guide for all staff to be aware of how important environmental awareness is and to fulfill their requirements.
  • We have published our Environmental Policy in order to know how important environmental awareness is by all our staff and to fulfill their requirements.

Our Environmental Policy

    ERSAN KAUÇUK is open to innovations, development and sustainability with the philosophy of continuous improvement by focusing on its goals, without sacrificing security and quality, with the belief that a more livable and sustainable environment can be left to future,

  • To fulfill its obligations including the relevant legislation and standards,
  • To ensure the most efficient use and saving of energy and natural resources,
  • To prevent environmental pollution, reduce waste at its source, ensure recycling / recovery, eliminate waste that cannot be recycled and recycled in a way that does not harm the environment by following all kinds of national and international technological improvements,
  • To act with a management system understanding that can be monitored, measured and reach its targets in order to continuously improve our environmental management system performance,
  • Planning and implementing measures to minimize environmental damages that may occur during our activities, in case of any environmental accident or emergency,
  • Keeping the communication channels open all the time to improve environmental management system awareness and environmental awareness of all interested parties; to raise awareness of the public,
  • To cooperate with relevant institutions and organizations in the works for environmental protection, with the aim of leaving a more livable environment for future generations,

This is our Commitment.