Quality Policy

    It is our basic principle to increase the market share, competitiveness, quality reliability and profitability of our company with continuous improvement studies, by adhering to the principles of Total Quality Management in every decision to be made and in every strategy to be created at Ersan Kauçuk.

    For this purpose;

Customer Focus

Structuring and expanding the Customer Oriented production and service philosophy throughout the company by using our resources efficiently in line with the needs and expectations of our customers, by offering our customers high quality, low cost and just in time products and services,

Total Quality Management

To provide our employees with the environment and opportunities that will enable our goals to be achieved, to share their ideas, to improve their competencies through the trainings to be given, to ensure that all our employees do their job correctly in the first time and to apply Total Quality Management in our company,

Continuous Improvement and Development

Based on our slogans of “Continuous Improvement and Development and Continuous Success”, to continuously improve and develop our company Quality Management System, our processes, to reach the highest values by following new technologies in capacity utilization and efficiency.

    By transferring our Quality Policy to all our staff, we will ensure that it is understood by everyone and the work is done in accordance with the policy.